Archive: March, 2012

The Athlete Factory

Todd Halpen - Athlete FactoryAt the Athlete Factory we take the knowledge we have gained from working with renowned professional sports coaches from all over the world and the combined experiences of all our coaches, and we apply these principles to both our sports conditioning and personal training programs.

Our expertise cannot be found in most gyms and we are continually proving our superior understanding of functional movement. Not just movement patterns, but how movement reacts to stress, load, resistance, dynamic movement and fatigue. This movement is not just essential to an athlete, but because athletic movement and daily movement are fundamentally the same it will make a drastic difference to your results whatever your goals.

The Athlete Factory takes an athletic understanding of movement, energy systems and programming and adapts it to any level.

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Golf Canada Calgary Centre

Todd Halpen - Golf Canada Calgary CentreThe GOLF CANADA CENTRE is composed of a challenging yet player friendly 9 hole par 3 course, an 18 hole natural grass putting course and a championship year round outdoor driving range with a private teaching and short game area opposite the public range. World class PGA of Canada teaching professionals, club fitters, and on site golf specific physical, mental and emotional performance coaching round out an all inclusive facility for the serious player looking to elevate their game.

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Junior Golf Development Canada

Todd Halpen - Junior Golf Development CanadaJunior Golf Development Canada was launched in 2012 to help grow and support the game of golf. Their goal is to be the future of junior golf and the go to resource for everything related. By offering easy access for junior golfers looking to learn, develop or advance their golf game. As dedicated professionals and golf coaches we will work in partnership with courses, communities and sponsors, to grow local programs, national initiatives, our brand and the game.

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