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Tournament Summary 2012

What a great season! Thanks very much to the PGA of Alberta and the host courses for doing an excellent job this year! It is always very challenging, especially with our crazy Alberta weather, to set up and finish tournaments in a set time period. Many of us pros only have a small window to get out with the boys and compete, so thanks again to the PGA for their efforts. Also, thanks to all the competitors for bringing their best each time and making the events the most fun I’ve played in!


Tournament Date Venue Score Finish Points
Tour Championship Sep 04, 2012 Blackhawk Golf Club 148 T8 24
Assistants Championship Aug 13, 2012 Lewis Estates GC 152 19 15
PGA of Alberta Championship Jul 11, 2012 Calgary Elks Lodge GC 142 2 30
Players Tour – Silver Springs Jun 26, 2012 Silver Springs G&CC 154 15 12
Professional Series – Turner Valley Jun 11, 2012 Turner Valley GC 76 18 0
Players Tour – Sturgeon Valley May 16, 2012 Sturgeon Valley GC 147 T6 21
Match Play Championship Apr 30, 2012 Red Deer G&CC  2nd 2 30


So there it is. Oh, and the Alberta Open at Carnmoney (not part of the APGA Events) where I played well in the wind and finished 3rd. Wes Hefernan won the tournament and my training partner at The Athlete Factory, Scott Stiles, finished 2nd.

My goal to “do less” when planning and hitting each golf shot worked wonders. While I did play close to 50 rounds (which served as my practice), there was not much done on the practice green or the driving range at all. By far the least I’ve practiced in my career. I knew this was going to be the case, so I developed a simpler routine.

I made sure to not think at all about the next shot, until I saw the lie from 3 feet away. I made sure to take a very close look at the ball/lie before allowing any ‘thinking’ or ‘planning’ to occur. First step was lie analysis, then ideal carry yardage, and a target line, then a real practice swing holding the finish, then a final decision and commitment, then the swing to the finish. My post shot routine was simply saying, good balance Todd (or similar) and putting my clubs away. From the moment I look down at the golf ball, to the moment I put my clubs away, I did my best to have the emotion of gratitude. To sum up, I tried as hard as I could on every shot, but only for 45-60 seconds and then moved on.

While I did have some solid finishes (2 in the Match Play, 2nd in the PGA Championship and 3rd at the Alberta Open), my goals next year will require more discipline and practice.

Thanks Dr. Rick Jensen for this line “golf is only stressful if your expectations exceed your skill”, as I had the most fun golfing that I’ve had in years!

Thanks for reading and following!

PGA of Alberta Teacher of the Year Finalist 2012

Hello friends,

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for, and now a finalist for the PGA of Alberta Teacher of the Year 2012! I feel very honored to be a finalist, but more excited for my students. I have gotten some tremendous feedback this year, some huge successes and improvements. I learned so much about my own philosophy, teaching style, goals for my career and motivation to continue playing competitively.

When I learned that I was a finalist, my first thoughts were who to typical.. But seriously, that’s what it was. Then I truly realized how long that list would be, even if it only pertained to my golf teaching career.

Ages 5-14

Kevin Snell
Kerry Ward
Greg McGarry

Ages 15-19

Jim Jempson
Norm Gray, Ken Wasslen and Phil Kerbrat – 3 amateurs at Willow that taught me how to compete.

Ages 19-25

Ted Webster
Paul Horton
Randy Robb
Matt Rollins
Bryan Carbery
Jay Myren
Brian Kollman
Rob Connelly
Stephen Ames
Henry Brunton

and literally hundreds of Canadian Tour professionals that helped me along the way, notably,
Mitch Gillis
Stu Anderson
Mike Mezei
Kris Wasylowich
Scott Stiles

Ages 26-29

Brian Benedictson
Mark Sweeney
John Graham
Alex Riggs
Jason Sutton
Jason Helman
Glenn Cundari
Robin Bauer
Paul Balsom
Alan Robertson

If you didn’t make this list, do not panic. It means you are either one of hundreds more people that have helped me progress and succeed in this game, or your role is more important than worrying about being part of a list.

Thanks all for helping me.


Televised Golf: A Juniors Perspective

I’m so delayed in posting blogs! I wrote this before the Ryder Cup, golf’s best event on television….anyways, have a read!!


Last week I taught a junior camp with a few of the greatest kids ever. Here’s a sample of one of our much fun!

Todd – “So it’s nice out today..but what if it was raining? Would you quit? Keep playing? What would be some things you’d bring with you? What do you guys think?”

Junior – “hmm I’d probably keep playing if I could..I think I’d bring a leather jacket, sweat pants and an umbrella hat because I don’t want drips in my eyes”

Todd – “Of course, excellent”


Anyways, on Friday it was pouring rain, so in response to my last blog, we spent the first 1.5 hours of the camp doing some indoor activities (labeling golf balls, drawing imaginary greens with high and low points {AimPoint}), and watched The Barclays. They watched for an hour and were instructed to ask questions and make comments throughout. I took notes. 

Please note that this was a discussion with juniors, and I did my best not to guide their comments whatsoever. These are juniors rambling in a safe environment. The kids are 11, 12 and 14 years. Here is a sample of their comments.

“they should make the hole smaller for these guys..and bigger for us.”

“Have you seen the golf pranks on Youtube?” *we searched ‘golf pranks’ and watched that for 10 minutes on my IPhone…

“How come they’re only showing a few people? Isn’t there more?”

“Why are they showing Tiger, that big baby”

“They should show every single golfer freakout or club throw that would be awesome”

“These holes all look exactly the same. They should make a hole that’s par 25. Or make a golf course like a video game where you have shortcuts and bonus’s. They should build a Waterworld Golf Course where it’s almost ALL water. They should have a course called Rockland where it’s ALL rocks except for where you have to hit it. Cactus World” cue hysterical laughter and imagination.

“I can’t understand anything these guys are saying!”  A mix of English (Faldo), Irish (Feherty), Finch (Australia) with their own set of golf lingo..the kids had no idea what these guys were talking about. Simple as that.

“This music is terrible.”

“They should have a helicopter do flyby’s on every hole but like 15 feet off the ground”

“They should do a distraction challenge where you could yell whatever when the guy hits”

“Maybe one day Tiger will get his life back together” no joke I choked when I heard that haha

“Man this is slow. Is there a speed golf?”

“Golf on TV is sure boring”

“They should do relay teams of 5 and they have to run ahead and be ready when the ball stops”

That’s just the stuff that they laughed at and talked about for a minute..there were a lot of other ideas and comments made that they just shouted out. That tells me they were in an environment where they could just imagine freely and learn.

Learning is all about fun, and we as PGA of Canada Professionals do our best to make their day as fun and creative as possible. How come golf broadcasts don’t do the same?