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Athlete Factory Sports Medicine

Just wanted to take the time to first thank Dr. Brad Kane ( @bradkane , @wellnesscalgary ) for the initial assessments and treatment for a shoulder injury I sustained October 5, 2012. The clinic was friendly, accommodating, and professional. I visited them twice and the diagnosis was a severe AC Sprain. Luckily, there was no nerve or blood vessel damage, and no tearing of ligaments of muscles (or small tears). They assured me that ice, time and rehab would do the trick. Next step, Phase 1 rehab with my trainers at the Athlete Factory.

The owners and operators of the Athlete Factory know that “ life, as in sport, a 100% healthy body is a rare thing.” They have partnered with Richard Robinson and a team of highly qualified people including, Dr Jonathan Murray (Chiropractor), Dr Mike Hoiles (Chiropractor), Nicole Ainsworth (Athletic Therapist), Sarah Breu (Athletic Therapist), Sarah Cicchine (Massage Therapist), Ivan Phillion (Massage Therapist).

After only 5 treatments with Dr. Murray, I am back to 90% shoulder health. It has been 5 weeks and I have been diligent with rehab exercises (Phase 1 and Phase 2), nutrition and hydration. The treatments consisted of, and this is the best part, Active Release, Chiro adjustments, Graston, Ultrasound, and massage. Jonathan also adjusted my pelvis, and fixed the issue in my wrist.

I only write this because of one thing. Yesterday during a lifting session, not only did I revisit a near personal best (325 Back Squat), I did it with ease because of the strength GAINS in the wrist and shoulder. Did the rehab make me stronger than before? Yes.

Then on to the bench press. I’ve always had a stronger left shoulder than right (likely from years of being right handed, so much scar tissue!), but this time the right arm won the race to the top. Blew me away.

Thanks Athlete Factory!

To learn more about the methods at the Factory, contact Robin Bauer or myself anytime.



“It is only prudent never to place complete confidence in that by which we have even once been deceived.”

Rene Descartes, ‘Meditations’

Confidence. What a topic. I’ve read a lot about it. I’ve studied it in university (BSc. Behavioural Psychology at UVIC). I’ve had it. I’ve lost it. I’ve gotten it back. I’ve seen other people have it, lose it and gain it back. Descartes tells us never to place confidence in something that deceived you. Have you ever striped a 7 iron only to watch it fly over the back of the green? I’ve hit shots that I thought were just perfect that turned out to be awful. You can swing beautifully all day and shoot 80. It can happen.

So what is confidence?

Here’s Websters definition

Confidence – a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances; faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way.

Faith and belief. I’ve heard that before. So it’s a state of mind? A feeling? Seems pretty fleeting to me. So let me be productive here and shift a little. What can you be confident in?  I’d rather put my faith and confidence in tangible things that can be seen, touched, felt, observed and heard. I find it ignorant to put confidence in anything else. So what does this mean?

It means that I’ll put confidence in the following

– that I will walk tall and proudly all day regardless of what my golf ball does.

– that I will converse with my playing partners, my scorer, possibly spectators, caddies, and rules officials amongst others, in a positive way, to have fun.

– that I will write down how far every shot flew in my yardage book as a part of my post shot routine.

– that I will find low points on the green and map possible hole locations for future rounds, even if they may be YEARS from now.

– that I will, throughout the round, plan my 30 minute post round practice session.

– that I will be adequately prepared from a hydration and nutrition standpoint.

– that I will diligently study each shot and follow my pre shot plan as best as I can.

– that if I am playing with a veteran player, to learn about at least a few tips or experiences that he/she had that made them better.

– that I will be in a good mood after the round no matter what I shot, because give your head a shake it’s just a game.

– that I will properly assess my mistakes and appreciate that they are there to teach me. Without failure there is no learning.

– that I will probably crush a pint in the lounge after.

– that I will tell at least 3 jokes on the golf course, and definitely after a bogey.

Those are some ways that my confidence simply isn’t really that big of a factor in my golf game. None of those things have anything to do with my golf ball. I’ve hit too many great shots that wound up in the junk to let my golf ball affect my confidence. I’ll spin the driver and pick up the tee regardless if I stripe it or snap hook it.

The way I look at it, golf is so hard and takes so much work that you don’t have time to think about confidence. If you are, I’ve got some assignments for you to do.

I can help YOU learn how to apply this to your golf game, and improve your score, your enjoyment and your experience on the golf course. Call, email, tweet or text me anytime.


Does having a Golf Channel isolate the game?

Does having a channel dedicated to our sport prevent golf content from entering mainstream media?

How cool is it that our sport has its own channel?!! 24/7 dedicated to the game we all love!

Wait a second…let’s ask  few questions before we rant about how cool it is..

– How much golf content is seen outside of this channel?
– Which cable packages include Golf Channel?
– Does having a dedicated channel boost participation rates?
– Should Golf Channel shows be aired on different networks? Could they be?
– Could Golf Channel be a production company that provides golf content to be bought by various channels?
– Should the Golf Channel stop airing golf product commercials?
– Why are equipment sales #’s way up but green fee #’s down?
– Should golf companies advertise outside the Golf Channel (yes they should and they are and they are growing the game because of it, they have a profit motive and this works!)?
– Do they really need the money from the Overspin Putter? Does GC have a responsibility not to have CRAP on their infomercials?
– Should the USGA et al. buy that space for cheaper?

Only this year, after teaching a dozen or so beginner adult classes, did I realize how little golf hit the mainstream media.

This is a very vague question, and I don’t have an answer. I just can’t help but wonder, instead of attempting to increase the accessibility and availability of golf, why don’t we as organizations, work to increase the demand for golf and then the supply will follow?

Here’s an example…what if the ‘new kid’ on the show ‘Glee’ worked at a golf course, and they filmed a few episodes at a course? How much would that grow the game? Would 20 million more people now understand 25 new golf terms? How many green fees or junior golf inquiries would that translate into? How many more Golf Channel subscriptions would be bought that day?

Here’s another….what if Seinfeld had played a dozen rounds of golf during the span of the show? How many more people would be familiar with the game, compared with the budget that it may have cost to implement that.

The questions are there, the trouble is that there is no proxy, no direct way to measure this. Adidas has a proxy with product placement with their other lines…so Taylor Made (owned by Adidas) is doing it, hence the giant white driver at the Red Sox game, and that turned out pretty well I’d say.

Here are some ideas;

Food Channel – A show on the culinary aspect of golf
Discovery Channel – Golf’s role in the environment
NBC, CBS, ESPN, TNT – PGA Tour et al
NBC – Golf Drama, Golf Comedy, Golf sitcoms
Lifetime – Seniors golf show, or characters in the show play golf.

Anyways, my point is that I think Golf Channel isolates the game from the rest of the TV viewing demographic. All kinds of other activities that people can learn about and be interested in (cars, food, poker, sports etc) typically appear on more than one channel. Golf does not.

Spread golf across as many channels as you can and grow the game.