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“I Just Want to be More Consistent”

Hello friends,

This blog is about the single most consistent question or goal from my students.

“How can I get more consistent?” or “I’d really like to get more consistent.”     

What does consistent mean? Does it mean your bad shots aren’t as bad? Your good shots are a bit better? Less big mistakes?

Lets take a look at the math behind this a little bit and talk about the Bell Curve!!! YAY STATS!!! For those that aren’t familiar with Normal Distribution or Standard Deviation, google it. Getting more consistent doesn’t really make sense. Do you want to get more average? You can’t have ‘more’ shots fall within one Standard Deviation from the Mean.


If you were to take a golfers collection of shots, grade them, rank them, rate them, measure them, whichever method you like, they will fall into this kind of distribution curve. Note that the outliers (the 1% usually), are thrown out (shanks!). Products like Trackman and Flightscope use radar to measure ball flight, and measure the distance to a target very accurately.

Let’s take a look at the TrackMan Combine. “The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots hit to selected distances. TrackMan scores each shot on a scale of 0-100 based on your accuracy.”

Consistently better scores come from a  consistently better shot dispersion (tighter), thereby lowering the average distance to the target. You don’t get more consistent, you get better or you get worse, with every shot. The Mean shifts left on the x-axis, or to the right, negative or positive, with every shot, you just don’t have the tools to measure it.

The ‘mean’ distance from your target fluctuates, each time the sample size increases. It either goes up, or down. It just depends on how many decimal places you include. #stats

Let’s also note that your golf scores will also follow this dispersion.

Get better or get worse, you choose.


A student of mine sent me this graph to help clarify my point here.

So even though the pro does have a tighter dispersion, their mean also shifted to the left, or shifted to a lower handicap. You get more consistent by getting better.

Thanks y’all!