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Story Time

My name is Todd and I have a degree in Behavioral Psychology. I believe that your body language and behavior can greatly effect your performance. As the season approaches I have a challenge for all of you. But first, some background information for context…

I’ve played at the highest level in golf, the PGA Tour. I’ve also played at every level below that. One of the biggest differences I see as players progress to the next level (and in turn leave their fellow players in the dust), is how they talk over beers after the round. So often you’ll hear all the stories of the good shots, the bad shots, the penalty strokes, the slow play, the weather, the 3 putts the list goes on and on. When I hear this, my performance translater goes BLAH BLAH BLAH BS BLAH BLAH Whine Complain…I don’t want to hear it. I really don’t care if people pay me well to teach them golf, and that I’m obligated to spend that hour with them to improve their game. I’ll do my best to help this self talk, but I will not hesitate to let you find another instructor. I don’t babysit.

My goal is to help everyone improve, although I reserve the right to maintain my own personality and call people out, even students, if I think it’s in their best interest long term. This is one of those topics…

Since I’m a believer that your words and actions dictate your success and happiness (See ), let’s change the story you tell.

Here are some examples of things that I want you to PLAN to talk about after the round. Looking forward to feedback.

1. How many bunkers were on the golf course?
2. How many water hazards?
3. How many greens had tiers on them?
4. How many different teeboxes were potentially in use for the longer par 3’s?
5. What does your 15 minute post round practice session look like?
6. What would you do differently? *Do NOT mention how you actually played the situation, ONLY the new decision
7. Was the sand consistent throughout all bunkers? Did you test every one (for a practice round)?
8. How many drivers/3 woods/irons did you hit off the tee? (not where they went or how the swing was, just the decision)
9. Which green was the smallest? Largest? Most sloped? Were the speeds the same on every green?
10. Are there any areas where there may be some rules issues? ie. GUR, sight lines on lateral and water hazards, local rules (power lines, immovable obstructions, flower beds etc.)
11. Names and occupations of all playing partners.
12. Any new things you learned about your playing partners and their golf lives. You’d be surprised how much happiness and value you’ll get from conversing with the golfers in your group.
13. Anything funny or unexpected, but positive!

The point is, that there is so much other stuff to talk about, why waste your breath with verbal diarrhea?? Save your breath because nobody cares how many 3 putts you had.

Thanks guys for listening and learning!!