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2013 Tournament Summary

I must say this has been the strangest tournament season of my life. After the devastating floods on June 20, I hardly touched a club to practice all year. I was using new clubs and even at the end of the year they still look brand new.

With such a massive blow to my work lifestyle at the Golf Canada Centre, I had no idea what lay ahead. The 3 weeks after the flood were very difficult, and you can see the scoring suffered. The tournaments on July 8 and August 7/8, and even the PGA Championship, were basically practice for me. As I continued to play in these events, I continued to improve.

I led the the Canadian Assistants Championship by one shot on the last tee box, and a tiny misjudgement on club selection, wind and yardages led to a ball out of bounds, and a quadruple bogey. This is the only quadruple I’ve made in a tournament in 5 years. Tough break…

My caddy, JP Channa and I, made a significant change in the middle of August to my game. I promised myself I would keep my face calm and composed on every shot, and if I did that, good shots would follow. It worked. I ended up with the lowest scoring average for the year and that was one of my goals!

Hope you all had a great tournament season and look forward to helping you improve your game over the winter to make 2014 even better!!


Date Tournament Location Scores Total Results
2013 PGA of Alberta Match Play     T3  
May 27 Professional Series Lacombe GCC 69 -2 3rd
May 28 Professional Series Lynx Ridge GCC 67 -5 Win
June 10/11 Players Tour  Inglewood GCC 64-68 -10 Win
July 8 Professional Series Elbow Springs GCC 76 +4 T10
August 7/8 Assistants Championship Pine Hills Golf Course 74-74 +4 T10
August 19/20 PGA of Alberta Championship River Bend Golf Course 67-74 -3 T9
September 3/4 Players Tour Championship Canal at Delacour Golf Course 66-69 -9 2nd
September 9-12 Canadian Assistants Championship The Willows Golf Club 68-66-73 -9 5th