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Des Nwaerondu

Hey all,

I’ve recently joined a networking group in Calgary, and am excited for the opportunities to give back to the city that I love. One of the members of this group, Des Nwaerondu, continually shows his character in business and his personal life.

Des is a trusted financial advisor working for Sun Life Financial, a diligent writer, and has a volunteer resume that should humble all of us.

I’ve worked with Des on a few charity events in 2013, and plan to be supportive of his efforts for years to come, and I encourage you to do the same.

He likes tacos, long walks in the winter moonlight, and helping people.

Take a moment to check out what Des is all about, you won’t regret it.

Thanks friends


Make no Mistake, this IS the US Open

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, prominent golf coach Sean Foley, said something that I really loved! To watch the entire video, click here, and to hear that particular quote, go to the 14 minute mark.

“Today is a super important day. Let’s not pretend we’re back at Lake Nona. Let’s face the fact we’re there. It’s going to take a lot of energy to pretend you’re somewhere you’re not.”

     The concept of ‘going to your happy place’ does take a lot of energy!  I love what Sean said for so many reasons. Be in the moment. That moment is the US Open so be present in it, and create your experience.

    I do however, often teach mental game tactics that do involve placing your mind elsewhere, even for just a short moment (like 2 seconds) just to reset and refresh your emotions. Sean said ‘not at Lake Nona’, which I think resonates with some of the mental game stuff I work on. I’d seldom encourage a student to put their minds into another golf situation, positive or negative. Every shot is unique, so I believe that referring back to similar shots you executed well, is a poor strategy. The past is the past. If it was an hour ago it might as well be a million years. 

     What’s my point? Instead of putting your mind into a different golf situation, put it somewhere so far from golf. Put your mind in a place that provides energy, not requires it.  The videos below are where my mind goes when I close my eyes. Skiing the south face of the chutes at Castle Mountain. It is my favorite place in the world that I’ve seen so far, so going there in my mind to do something as creative and free as skiing, always helps my golf game.