10 Things Successful Golfers Do

I read this article and thought it would be fun to write this for golf..

1. Treat their footwear like a vital piece of their equipment.

2. Treat their grips, gloves and hands as a vital piece of their equipment.

3. Grind over every shot. When we hear the word grind as it refers to a golfer, we assume that it refers more to saving a par, finishing strong on the last few holes, taking longer over a shot. I think the best players grind over every single shot. The difference might be how much information they are trying to process.

4. Embrace their mistakes so they know what to practice. Those that really know me, know I can’t be bothered to practice all that much, hardly ever actually. Golfers get to be really really good when they hate making the same mistake twice, or making the mistake they sensed they would. If you sense you’re going to make a mistake with a particular shot. Stop. Hit something else. Go get a different club and make up a new shot. Refuse to hit a bad shot, even if it means not hitting one at all.

5. Use the same ball.

6. Keep a duffel bag with extra clothing/equipment in their car.

7. Love putting. I love putting. Say it. I love putting.

8. Chip in more. Practice chip shots that land between 2 and 6 feet away. This precision not only adds skill, but helps remove fear of missing greens.

9. Keep a composed facial expression through the shot. STOP GRUNTING this isn’t football!

10. Smile. Laugh. Make jokes.


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