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alignment |əˈlīnmənt|


1 arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions : the tiles had slipped out of alignment.
the act of aligning parts of a machine : oil changes, lube jobs, and wheel alignments.
the route or course of a road or railroad : four railroads, all on different alignments.

Ironically, “the route or course of a road or railroad” reminds me of the classic golf alignment mistake (eewwwwwwww). This article may make sense, but it is often interpreted as “aim your toes at the target”, which makes the clubface point right of the target (for a right handed golfer). The word alignment, as it pertains to golf, often includes the alignment of various pieces of the body, club or ball, relative to a constant.

My personal definition of alignment is the process of directing or pointing the clubface at the intended initial launch direction, with the intention to achieve the same alignment at impact, regardless of intended club path.

Please note, that there is no mention of toe, hip, shoulder, hand, eyeball or political alignment…

How is alignment measured?

Impact alignment is measured using Trackman. Some impact alignment terms are Dynamic Loft, Launch Angle, and Club Face Angle. Learn how technology has actually helped millions of golfers of all levels achieve levels they didn’t think possible.

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