The 2020 Coach for the Season program is $399/month and the commitment is a minimum of 6 months. This is the best way to solve your golf issues once and solve them well.

As a coaching student, you have continuous access to lesson services. 

Some of the topics covered include, but are not limited to:

The fundamentals of grip, stance, pressure shift, club positions during the swing.

How to match up your hand alignment and placement on the club (grip)

How to generate more club head speed and hit the ball further

How to design your winter practice sessions to maximize your investment

Pre-Shot and Post-Shot Routine Design

Yardage Book Building/Design

How to prepare for tournaments or important rounds of golf

Mental Performance Training

Ball Flight Laws, Ball Position and Slope Fundamentals

FlightScope and Trackman Sessions

How to be your own best Caddy

Emotional Awareness and Management Strategies for recreational and competitive golf

For more details on how this will be customized for your game, contact Todd at 403.803.3290.

Space is limited and an entry interview is required before acceptance into the program.

Programming begins November 1.

Email Todd at // Tweet him @GolfProYYC

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