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alignment |əˈlīnmənt|


1 arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions : the tiles had slipped out of alignment.
the act of aligning parts of a machine : oil changes, lube jobs, and wheel alignments.
the route or course of a road or railroad : four railroads, all on different alignments.

Ironically, “the route or course of a road or railroad” reminds me of the classic golf alignment mistake (eewwwwwwww). This article may make sense, but it is often interpreted as “aim your toes at the target”, which makes the clubface point right of the target (for a right handed golfer). The word alignment, as it pertains to golf, often includes the alignment of various pieces of the body, club or ball, relative to a constant.

My personal definition of alignment is the process of directing or pointing the clubface at the intended initial launch direction, with the intention to achieve the same alignment at impact, regardless of intended club path.

Please note, that there is no mention of toe, hip, shoulder, hand, eyeball or political alignment…

How is alignment measured?

Impact alignment is measured using Trackman. Some impact alignment terms are Dynamic Loft, Launch Angle, and Club Face Angle. Learn how technology has actually helped millions of golfers of all levels achieve levels they didn’t think possible.

To learn how your swing aligns with success, call me at 403.803.3290 or email at



4th Annual Charity Longball Open



Tie those boots up tight, this tournament is going to be a wild ride!

The 4th Annual Charity Longball Open will be held July 19, at 2pm, at the River Spirit Golf Club. The format is a two man scramble.

What is Longball Inc??

LONGball Inc was created in 2010 with 4 friends that grew up with a passion for the sport of golf and the lifestyle that comes with it. Golf has always been in our blood. Whether playing in competitive tournaments to hoist some crystal, cutting work to sneak in an afternoon round while the boss it out of town, or knocking back a few with boys on the course to have some laughs, golf has always been a part of our lives.
With open minds and a thirst for discovery, we have created a golf line that is built on a foundation of high quality and performance fabric that you can keep you looking good and feeling good from the 1st tee to the 19th hole.
We feel that golf clothing should not only fit right while making your swing, it should feel great. That is why we have used the finest bamboo and cottons along with our polyester blends. We know that golf doesn’t stop once you shake hands on the 18th it’s just getting started. That is why we have developed out lifestyle brand that will keep you looking and feeling great well after the round.
Our Canadian based golf brand has been developed with input of players and professionals around the world to combine new fashion trends with international influences. This combination keeps our brand always evolving and head of the curve. #itsalifestyle

What can you expect at the tournament?

Lots of beauties, lots of babes, lots of beers, lots of birdies! What more do you need??

Grab a buddy and sign up today!

Longball Inc Website

Longball Inc Facebook Page

2014 Tournament Sponsorship Package


2014 ATB Financial Classic

The 2014 ATB Financial Classic will be held July 28 – August 3, at the Sirocco Golf Club.

There is a Monday Qualifier being held at the Silverwing Golf Club on Monday July 28, and is open to Professionals and Amateurs.

I’m looking forward to this event for so many reasons, but mostly for the chance to see some old friends! I encourage all of you to put this event in your calendar, and make it out to watch!

Have you ever played golf with a tour pro? Want to be up close and personal in a corporate chalet? Are you looking for a unique corporate hosting idea or something to gift to clients or staff? There are numerous sponsorship and Pro-Am opportunities available, and they’ll sell out so act quick.

Please click the links below to find the PDF documents that explain more.

ATB Hospitality Package

ATB Hole Sponsorship

Grab a friend, family member, co-worker or client and come check out the future stars of the PGA Tour!

Grow the Game for Junior Golf


It is with great enthusiasm that I announce a new incentive for 2014 to grow the game of golf in Calgary.

We are offering free private lessons to ANY junior golf 18 years or younger with a paid adult. 

The PGA of America does a ‘Free Lesson Month’ each year, but we are  taking it a step further. Bring a junior golfer to your private lesson for free. It can be your son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, brother, sister, friend of the family, Big Brother Big Sister, field trip, anything!! 

For information on ADULT PRIVATE LESSONS click HERE


10 Things Successful Golfers Do

I read this article and thought it would be fun to write this for golf..

1. Treat their footwear like a vital piece of their equipment.

2. Treat their grips, gloves and hands as a vital piece of their equipment.

3. Grind over every shot. When we hear the word grind as it refers to a golfer, we assume that it refers more to saving a par, finishing strong on the last few holes, taking longer over a shot. I think the best players grind over every single shot. The difference might be how much information they are trying to process.

4. Embrace their mistakes so they know what to practice. Those that really know me, know I can’t be bothered to practice all that much, hardly ever actually. Golfers get to be really really good when they hate making the same mistake twice, or making the mistake they sensed they would. If you sense you’re going to make a mistake with a particular shot. Stop. Hit something else. Go get a different club and make up a new shot. Refuse to hit a bad shot, even if it means not hitting one at all.

5. Use the same ball.

6. Keep a duffel bag with extra clothing/equipment in their car.

7. Love putting. I love putting. Say it. I love putting.

8. Chip in more. Practice chip shots that land between 2 and 6 feet away. This precision not only adds skill, but helps remove fear of missing greens.

9. Keep a composed facial expression through the shot. STOP GRUNTING this isn’t football!

10. Smile. Laugh. Make jokes.


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