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2014 ATB Financial Classic

The 2014 ATB Financial Classic will be held July 28 – August 3, at the Sirocco Golf Club.

There is a Monday Qualifier being held at the Silverwing Golf Club on Monday July 28, and is open to Professionals and Amateurs.

I’m looking forward to this event for so many reasons, but mostly for the chance to see some old friends! I encourage all of you to put this event in your calendar, and make it out to watch!

Have you ever played golf with a tour pro? Want to be up close and personal in a corporate chalet? Are you looking for a unique corporate hosting idea or something to gift to clients or staff? There are numerous sponsorship and Pro-Am opportunities available, and they’ll sell out so act quick.

Please click the links below to find the PDF documents that explain more.

ATB Hospitality Package

ATB Hole Sponsorship

Grab a friend, family member, co-worker or client and come check out the future stars of the PGA Tour!

Grow the Game for Junior Golf


It is with great enthusiasm that I announce a new incentive for 2014 to grow the game of golf in Calgary.

We are offering free private lessons to ANY junior golf 18 years or younger with a paid adult. 

The PGA of America does a ‘Free Lesson Month’ each year, but we are  taking it a step further. Bring a junior golfer to your private lesson for free. It can be your son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, brother, sister, friend of the family, Big Brother Big Sister, field trip, anything!! 

For information on ADULT PRIVATE LESSONS click HERE


10 Things Successful Golfers Do

I read this article and thought it would be fun to write this for golf..

1. Treat their footwear like a vital piece of their equipment.

2. Treat their grips, gloves and hands as a vital piece of their equipment.

3. Grind over every shot. When we hear the word grind as it refers to a golfer, we assume that it refers more to saving a par, finishing strong on the last few holes, taking longer over a shot. I think the best players grind over every single shot. The difference might be how much information they are trying to process.

4. Embrace their mistakes so they know what to practice. Those that really know me, know I can’t be bothered to practice all that much, hardly ever actually. Golfers get to be really really good when they hate making the same mistake twice, or making the mistake they sensed they would. If you sense you’re going to make a mistake with a particular shot. Stop. Hit something else. Go get a different club and make up a new shot. Refuse to hit a bad shot, even if it means not hitting one at all.

5. Use the same ball.

6. Keep a duffel bag with extra clothing/equipment in their car.

7. Love putting. I love putting. Say it. I love putting.

8. Chip in more. Practice chip shots that land between 2 and 6 feet away. This precision not only adds skill, but helps remove fear of missing greens.

9. Keep a composed facial expression through the shot. STOP GRUNTING this isn’t football!

10. Smile. Laugh. Make jokes.


Des Nwaerondu

Hey all,

I’ve recently joined a networking group in Calgary, and am excited for the opportunities to give back to the city that I love. One of the members of this group, Des Nwaerondu, continually shows his character in business and his personal life.

Des is a trusted financial advisor working for Sun Life Financial, a diligent writer, and has a volunteer resume that should humble all of us.

I’ve worked with Des on a few charity events in 2013, and plan to be supportive of his efforts for years to come, and I encourage you to do the same.

He likes tacos, long walks in the winter moonlight, and helping people.

Take a moment to check out what Des is all about, you won’t regret it.

Thanks friends



Slow play is arguably the biggest issue in golf today.

I thought I’d provide some of my strategies during a slow round.  This article is NOT about speeding up play.  It is about taking advantage of the time that you are forced to wait.  These situations happen in tournaments, corporate tournaments, weekends on public courses and other scenarios where slow play is inevitable.  Your experience and your life is created by you, in your mind. Use this time to create the experience you want.

During a round, the moment I anticipate a wait that might last longer than 3 minutes, I create a conversation, game, or use the time to be productive.  My time is my own, I choose how I spend it.


Start asking questions.  Your playing partners will thank you and enjoy the day, perform better, and in turn help you along your way.  Ask about NHL, Q-School, current Calgary events, the Presidents Cup, their lives in general, so on and so forth.


Markers – Using whichever club you brought to the teebox, chip a golf ball around the tee markers, and back to the starting point. Essentially, croquet. Pick your course and place your bets. Be attentive to the group in front and be ready to proceed with your regular game.
Chipping – Simply bringing a wedge to the tee can increase the creativity and value of the Markers game. Or just chipping to the yardage plate until you hit it is a simple one. I strongly suggest using this time to sauce. If you don’t know what I mean, click that link now.
Ball Tap – Using the same wedge, practice tapping your balls.


– drink some water, pee somewhere, drink more water
– eat something healthy and high in energy
– catch up on missed information on scorecard for the match, your stats, or your yardage book for those tournament players out there
– clean your clubs
– write out a practice plan based on your last few holes
– Tweet something
– text somebody
– write an email draft to someone that would like to hear from you
– clean your grips
– make a To-Do list for later


But please, do not complain. Complaining makes you sound like a loser. Be a winner.


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