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Golf & Tacos brings together chicas that want to learn or improve their golf game in an environment that compares to “drunk girls in the bathroom” levels of friendliness.

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Athlete Factory Sports Medicine

Just wanted to take the time to first thank Dr. Brad Kane ( @bradkane , @wellnesscalgary ) for the initial assessments and treatment for a shoulder injury I sustained October 5, 2012. The clinic was friendly, accommodating, and professional. I visited them twice and the diagnosis was a severe AC Sprain. Luckily, there was no nerve or blood vessel damage, and no tearing of ligaments of muscles (or small tears). They assured me that ice, time and rehab would do the trick. Next step, Phase 1 rehab with my trainers at the Athlete Factory.

The owners and operators of the Athlete Factory know that “ life, as in sport, a 100% healthy body is a rare thing.” They have partnered with Richard Robinson and a team of highly qualified people including, Dr Jonathan Murray (Chiropractor), Dr Mike Hoiles (Chiropractor), Nicole Ainsworth (Athletic Therapist), Sarah Breu (Athletic Therapist), Sarah Cicchine (Massage Therapist), Ivan Phillion (Massage Therapist).

After only 5 treatments with Dr. Murray, I am back to 90% shoulder health. It has been 5 weeks and I have been diligent with rehab exercises (Phase 1 and Phase 2), nutrition and hydration. The treatments consisted of, and this is the best part, Active Release, Chiro adjustments, Graston, Ultrasound, and massage. Jonathan also adjusted my pelvis, and fixed the issue in my wrist.

I only write this because of one thing. Yesterday during a lifting session, not only did I revisit a near personal best (325 Back Squat), I did it with ease because of the strength GAINS in the wrist and shoulder. Did the rehab make me stronger than before? Yes.

Then on to the bench press. I’ve always had a stronger left shoulder than right (likely from years of being right handed, so much scar tissue!), but this time the right arm won the race to the top. Blew me away.

Thanks Athlete Factory!

To learn more about the methods at the Factory, contact Robin Bauer or myself anytime.


Golf Power Workshop April 7 10am

For the second blog post, why not make it an event announcement?

This Saturday (Yes Masters Saturday), come down to the Athlete Factory for a 90 minute presentation on power and speed. It starts at 10am, so you’ll have plenty of time to hit up the Farmers Market next door and watch the years most dramatic golf tournament, The Masters!

Looking forward to seeing you there!