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Indoor Teaching Studio Renovation

Hey everyone! So I decided to renovate the upstairs teaching studio at the Golf Canada Calgary Centre! I think it looks awesome and can’t wait to teach out of there this winter. We’ve got FlightScope or Trackman in every single lesson, high speed video for swing technique using Coach’s Eye, and everything else you need to improve. We can open the garage door and have full flight into the snow, or on really cold days we can keep the door closed and hit into a net.

I am currently looking for sponsorship for the studio. I’d be happy to entertain any type of business, doesn’t have to be golf related. If anyone has any decorations or suitable wall pieces to spice it up I’d love to hear from you! These would be donations and would stay at the facility and help us grow our culture with junior golf. The more kids we can get golfing the better!

Looking forward to helping you all with your game this winter. Come down and check out my new teaching space and say hello! Contact me anytime at 403.803.3290


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Grow the Game for Junior Golf


It is with great enthusiasm that I announce a new incentive for 2014 to grow the game of golf in Calgary.

We are offering free private lessons to ANY junior golf 18 years or younger with a paid adult. 

The PGA of America does a ‘Free Lesson Month’ each year, but we are  taking it a step further. Bring a junior golfer to your private lesson for free. It can be your son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, brother, sister, friend of the family, Big Brother Big Sister, field trip, anything!! 

For information on ADULT PRIVATE LESSONS click HERE



Slow play is arguably the biggest issue in golf today.

I thought I’d provide some of my strategies during a slow round.  This article is NOT about speeding up play.  It is about taking advantage of the time that you are forced to wait.  These situations happen in tournaments, corporate tournaments, weekends on public courses and other scenarios where slow play is inevitable.  Your experience and your life is created by you, in your mind. Use this time to create the experience you want.

During a round, the moment I anticipate a wait that might last longer than 3 minutes, I create a conversation, game, or use the time to be productive.  My time is my own, I choose how I spend it.


Start asking questions.  Your playing partners will thank you and enjoy the day, perform better, and in turn help you along your way.  Ask about NHL, Q-School, current Calgary events, the Presidents Cup, their lives in general, so on and so forth.


Markers – Using whichever club you brought to the teebox, chip a golf ball around the tee markers, and back to the starting point. Essentially, croquet. Pick your course and place your bets. Be attentive to the group in front and be ready to proceed with your regular game.
Chipping – Simply bringing a wedge to the tee can increase the creativity and value of the Markers game. Or just chipping to the yardage plate until you hit it is a simple one. I strongly suggest using this time to sauce. If you don’t know what I mean, click that link now.
Ball Tap – Using the same wedge, practice tapping your balls.


– drink some water, pee somewhere, drink more water
– eat something healthy and high in energy
– catch up on missed information on scorecard for the match, your stats, or your yardage book for those tournament players out there
– clean your clubs
– write out a practice plan based on your last few holes
– Tweet something
– text somebody
– write an email draft to someone that would like to hear from you
– clean your grips
– make a To-Do list for later


But please, do not complain. Complaining makes you sound like a loser. Be a winner.


Adult Classes

Group classes are over for the remainder of the 2014 golf season. For your best chance to get better at golf, call Todd directly at 403.803.3290





Todd will be instructing a few types of adult classes this summer at the Golf Canada Centre. Learn to Golf “Beginner Golfer Experience” and Learn to Golf “Full Swing”. Short Game, Putting, Playing Lessons, and various other coaching program information can be found in the Coaching menu above.

Learn to Golf – “Beginner Golfer Experience”


If you have a little golf experience and you’re looking for a fun and relaxed environment to start learning and improving the fundamentals for the full swing as well as the short game… then this class is perfect for you! These sessions are in a group format, so grab a friend or come alone and let our experienced and energetic professionals help you to increase your knowledge, develop your skills and build your confidence and love for all areas of the game.
Your Learn to Golf – “Beginner Golfer Experience” includes:

  • – 7 hours total (6 sessions)
  • – 6 hours of learning and training
  • – 1 hour windup wine and cheese social with bonus information session
  • – Maximum 6:1 student/instructor ratio
  • – “Fun” and “Safe” environment
  • – Fundamentals for the golf swing
  • – Fundamentals for the short game… including sand!!
  • – An introduction to golf equipment and its purpose
  • – An Introduction to basic golf etiquette
  • – Walk through a golf hole explaining different parts of the course
  • – Golf equipment and training aids included (if necessary)
  • – Golf Canada take home Learning Manual

Learn to Golf – “Full Swing”


How can you improve if you physically can’t perform the motion??
If the above question sounds interesting to you and you have played some golf in the past, and are ready for the content on the full swing to go deeper than the basic fundamental… you’re in luck!  This program delves deeper into the full swing and also introduces biomechanics 101. Our PGA and TPI Certified instructors will educate you about the mobility and stability that is necessary within the human body to perform an efficient golf swing and teach you how to properly sequence your golf swing… just like the pros. With the aid of our TPI Performance Evaluation and video analysis of your golf swing, we will highlight where your inefficiencies lie and provide you a custom program for you to overcome your inefficiencies, reduce your risk for injury and ultimately improve your game. This program also covers the basic fundamentals of how to perform full swing shots from uneven lies.
Your Learn to Golf – “Full Swing” Experience includes:

  • – 8 hours total (5 sessions)
  • – 7 hours on range learning
  • – 1 hour windup wine and cheese social with bonus information session:
  • – Maximum 6:1 student/instructor ratio
  • – “Fun” and “Safe” environment
  • – Fundamentals for the full golf swing
  • – High speed video analysis
  • – TPI Performance Evaluation and Program… $150.00 value included.
  • – Fundamentals for uneven lies
  • – Golf equipment and training aids (if necessary)
  • – Golf Canada take home learning Manual


Registration Instructions

– Select the desired clinic and click on Register
– You will go to the USchedule Booking Program Page
– Click on Book Now
– Create a login and password
– Fill out registration for desired clinic
– All Camps are filled on a first come first serve basis based on time of transaction.
– Registration is not confirmed until payment is processed.
– Prices shown on the table are without GST, and the registration page prices are tax in.

Adult Lessons

Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best learning experience possible.

During any of the following programs, our professionals will utilize industry leading high tech tools along with the very latest training techniques and golf specific evaluations and testing to ensure your education and learning is enjoyable and efficient.

Each session is one hour in length, includes high speed video analysis, a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Movement Evaluation and a TrackMan ball flight analysis. Our goal is to ensure you have the tools to self diagnose and correct any issues we discuss!

We are experts in all areas of the game. Please prepare to communicate your goals and expectations to your instructor, and understand that questions are welcome! Ask away!


1 Private Session – $159 ***BUY NOW***
4 Private Sessions – $499 ***BUY NOW***
8 Private Sessions – $999 contact to purchase

4 Semi Private (2 people) – $299 each
8 Semi Private (2 people) – $599 each

TO BOOK ANY LESSON PROGRAM, PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL TODD. toddhalpengolf@gmail.com or 403.803.3290

Lessons take place at the Golf Canada Centre, in the teaching studio and bay 1 on the second floor of the driving range.

Lessons canceled within a 24 hour period will be charged full price.