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What is the difference between professionals and amateur golfers?

As a member of a Facebook group named “Golf Teaching Professionals”, I’m lucky to learn from great instructors worldwide on a daily basis. This resource is incredible and I can barely keep up! I don’t participate much but thought I’d share something from this group.

Sasha Catron asked this question to the group,

“In one word what is the difference in the best players you teach and the average ones?”

The answers are astounding, but not that surprising. Here is a list of the names of the instructors, and their one word answer. I hope I don’t get in trouble posting this, but it’s a risk I’m taking…

Christopher Smeal – Optimistic
Bob Fahy – Commitment
Chip Richter – Athleticism
Michael Deiter – Dedicated
Eric Cogorno – Talent
Michael Blinco – Obsessed
Brad Edwards – Attitude
Matt Malesteri – Drive
Bob Duncan – Motivation
Stephen Lynn – Everything
Michael Starr – Determination
Mitch Brunick – All true
Sean Kennedy – Attitude
Todd Edwards – Desire
Joey Anders – Grit
Jim Sykes – Practice
Chris Beaty – Mental
Rodd Slater – Observation
Mike Aldrich – Hand Eye Coordination
Shane LeBaron – Strike
Jeff Schmiedbauer – Coordination
Scott Leritz – Commitment
Blaze Grinn – Emotional
Justin Rister – Commitment, persistence to their practice drills and routines (Too many words Justin…)
Chris Daily – Body Awareness
Doug Grey – Desire
Andy Walker – Awareness
John Dochety – Attendance
Bowen Sargent – Confidence
Ira Kramer – Belief
Jonathan Bullas – Score
Bob Baldassari – Talent
David Ogrin – Awareness
Jason Helman – Attitude
Tim Lambert – Enlightenment
Sasha Catron – Perserverance
Joe Dau – Discipline
Andy Griffiths – Scoring
Elliot Oscar – Approach
Todd Ormsby – Grip
Steven Steinway – Positive
Wayne DeFrancesco – Everything
Peggy Gustafson – A desire of where they want to be. A perception of where they are on their golfing dreams. How we as teachers to give them their path to allow them to reach their golfing dreams..Realistic or not. (Uhh way to many words…not sure how this is a one word answer…)
Dan Schwabe – Awareness
Doug Lawrie – Grit
Joe Ingoglia – Sequencing
Brett Fanning – Talent
Zac Stennett – Fearlessness
Gary Ellis – Rhythm
Rita Mehrens – Form
John Hughes – Passion
Eddie Smith – Commitment
Matthew Finney – Motivated
Randy Cavanaugh – Teachable
Brian Smock – Time
Trevor Derrheim – Proprioception
Joe Dougherty III – Coordinated
Marty Foster – Practice
Chris Ford – Passion
Jim Beadle – Face
Aaron Doyle – Patience
Adam Stevenson – Determination
Bob Townsend – Drive
Christie Quinn – Perseverance
Jenn Holt – Desire
Wayne Powell – Dedicated
James Jordan – Routine
Oliver Darby – Skill
Rick Wright – Committed
Stephen Cottingham – Detail
Todd Halpen – Concentration
Kathy Gook – Mindfulness (Defined by wikipedia as “the intentional, accepting, and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the thoughts, emotions, and sensations occurring in the present moment”.)
David White – Wanting
Sean Pender – Grinding
Morten Jensen – Tenacity
Geoff Saayman – Drive
Timo van Geest – System
Grant Field – Attitude
Deanna Zenger – Discipline
Steve Cardy – Practice
Boris Miro Janjic – Feel
Dominic Sainsbury – Grit
Gavin John Hamlyn – Application
Stuart Campbell – Inspired
Nancy Quarcelino – Want
Stephen Ennis – Work
David Walker – Ability
Adam Young – Skill
Kelly Murray – Sticktoitness
Jeff Dantas – Awareness
Dave Druken – Commitment
Dale Ketola – Determination
Steven Yellin – Silence
Roger Hatcher – Score
Mark Caldwell – Putting
Kevin Shields – Talent
Ed Angulo – Passionitment
Bob Grissett – Proprioception
Rudy Gonzalez – Mobility
Robert Gates – Work
Barry Cheesman – Mind
Brian Jensen – Love
Dave Pezzino – Clubface
Allen Burton – Precision
Christian Alderucci – Dedication
Andrew Patnou – Score
Mark Russo – Commitment
Joe Casey – Confidence
Mark Caldwell – Equipment
Chris Schultz – Practice
Tom Connell – Grip
Brad Pluth – Talent
Peter Arnott – Adaptability
Frank Gowen – Mind
Chad Ristow – Mentality
Jeff Howe – Commitment
Dave Heinen – Relentlessness
Jennifer Cully – Awareness
Paul Contento – Skill
Steve Ford – Knowledge
Mike Vanderwolf – Perspective
David Johnston – Willingness
Chad Powell – Commitment
Blaze Grinn – Selfishness
Scott Davies – Desire
Buddy Cooper – Mind
Preston Combs – Consciousness


What is amazing about this list?


Pick out your top 5 favourite words from the list above, and write down how you plan to improve those characteristics with respect to your golf game.

When you book a lesson with me, expect guidance on those characteristics in your game. I’m here to answer the easy questions, actually improving and learning lies within you.



Adult Classes

Group classes are over for the remainder of the 2014 golf season. For your best chance to get better at golf, call Todd directly at 403.803.3290





Todd will be instructing a few types of adult classes this summer at the Golf Canada Centre. Learn to Golf “Beginner Golfer Experience” and Learn to Golf “Full Swing”. Short Game, Putting, Playing Lessons, and various other coaching program information can be found in the Coaching menu above.

Learn to Golf – “Beginner Golfer Experience”


If you have a little golf experience and you’re looking for a fun and relaxed environment to start learning and improving the fundamentals for the full swing as well as the short game… then this class is perfect for you! These sessions are in a group format, so grab a friend or come alone and let our experienced and energetic professionals help you to increase your knowledge, develop your skills and build your confidence and love for all areas of the game.
Your Learn to Golf – “Beginner Golfer Experience” includes:

  • – 7 hours total (6 sessions)
  • – 6 hours of learning and training
  • – 1 hour windup wine and cheese social with bonus information session
  • – Maximum 6:1 student/instructor ratio
  • – “Fun” and “Safe” environment
  • – Fundamentals for the golf swing
  • – Fundamentals for the short game… including sand!!
  • – An introduction to golf equipment and its purpose
  • – An Introduction to basic golf etiquette
  • – Walk through a golf hole explaining different parts of the course
  • – Golf equipment and training aids included (if necessary)
  • – Golf Canada take home Learning Manual

Learn to Golf – “Full Swing”


How can you improve if you physically can’t perform the motion??
If the above question sounds interesting to you and you have played some golf in the past, and are ready for the content on the full swing to go deeper than the basic fundamental… you’re in luck!  This program delves deeper into the full swing and also introduces biomechanics 101. Our PGA and TPI Certified instructors will educate you about the mobility and stability that is necessary within the human body to perform an efficient golf swing and teach you how to properly sequence your golf swing… just like the pros. With the aid of our TPI Performance Evaluation and video analysis of your golf swing, we will highlight where your inefficiencies lie and provide you a custom program for you to overcome your inefficiencies, reduce your risk for injury and ultimately improve your game. This program also covers the basic fundamentals of how to perform full swing shots from uneven lies.
Your Learn to Golf – “Full Swing” Experience includes:

  • – 8 hours total (5 sessions)
  • – 7 hours on range learning
  • – 1 hour windup wine and cheese social with bonus information session:
  • – Maximum 6:1 student/instructor ratio
  • – “Fun” and “Safe” environment
  • – Fundamentals for the full golf swing
  • – High speed video analysis
  • – TPI Performance Evaluation and Program… $150.00 value included.
  • – Fundamentals for uneven lies
  • – Golf equipment and training aids (if necessary)
  • – Golf Canada take home learning Manual


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